The Crown Season 5

The Crown Season 5: Netflix Teases First Look Ahead of Release on November 9

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Netflix has unveiled the first image from The Crown season 5, which features a completely new cast. In the stills from the most recent season, Princess Diana can be seen looking dejected and hanging her head as she attends a luxurious evening engagement. Elizabeth Debicki, who took Emma Corrin’s position as Princess Diana in the previous season, plays the role.

Another image shows Prince Charles (played by Dominic West, who replaces Josh O’Connor from seasons 3 and 4) and his friend Camilla Parker Bowles (played by Olivia Williams, who replaces Emerald Fennell), smiling and cuddling up while seemingly watching fireworks outside.

Diana and Charles, however, can be seen vacationing with their young sons Prince William (Timothee Sambor) and Prince Harry on a speedboat in a different, joyful picture (Teddy Hawley).

Elizabeth Debicki told Netflix’s fansite Tudum, “That’s the amazing thing about playing these people at this time, because, in the journey of The Crown so far out of all the seasons, this is the most visual content we have of the royal family. In the ’90s everything had started to be filmed and also it was the birth of the 24-hour news cycle so there’s just this incredible amount of content that we have access to. Diana was the most photographed person in the world at that time. As an actor, you open the portal and this huge tsunami of information comes at you. I happily swam around in it.”

Season 5 of The Crown will debut on Netflix on November 9. The late 1980s and early 1990s, one of the most difficult decades for the royal family, will be covered in the television series.

1992, which the Queen infamously referred to as her “annus horribilis,” saw the separation or divorce of three of her four children.

The Crown’s sixth and likely final season, which will centre on Diana’s passing in 1997, is now in production.