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The country’s longest shutdown in the US, Clinton had run for 21 days.

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On the issue of building a wall on the Mexican border, President Donald Trump had entered the government shutdown on the 22nd day after the demolition of the Democrats. It is being told that it is the longest shutdown in US history, in which around 1 million government employees have to work without salary.

Why Shutdown?
After the Democrats rejected Trump’s $ 5.7 billion demand for a wall project, the work in the country has stalled, because in response President Trump does not approve the budget for various government departments. Due to this, the FBI, air traffic controllers and museum staff did not receive the salary on Friday. This partial shutdown became the longest shutdown in the country. Prior to this, the shutdown in Bill Clinton’s tenure lasted for 21 days in 1995-96.

On the other hand, Trump has withdrawn its threat of releasing the announcement of the Emergency and without funding the Congress’s approval. He said during a meeting at the White House, “I am not going to do it so fast.” Trump, however, emphasized that he has the right to declare a national emergency, but also said that he still wants that Congress approves the fund for constructing the wall.

It is notable that Trump had earlier said, ‘if they do not approve $ 5.7 billion. I will declare a national emergency, which I have full authority.’