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The common thing in Bollywood and Politics is casting couch: Shatrughan Sinha.

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Actor and BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha has said that after the choreographer Saroj Khan and senior Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary, the demand for sexual fever is offered and offered to work in politics and Bollywood. He said, “Neither Saroj Khan is wrong nor Renuka Chowdhary. Seekal fever is offered and offered to work in the Entertainment Industry and Politics. It is a very old and tested technique to move forward in life.

He said, ‘This is happening from the beginning of human life. What is the point of being so sad in this? “Sinha said that Saroj Khan’s contribution in the field of choreography and polishing the career of Line, Madhuri Dixit and late Sridevi is Saroj Khan and Saroj Khan is the veteran of his area. She (Saroj Khan) often speaks with her heart, in which she gives preference to emotional parties rather than political parties. If they have said that girls in Bollywood have to “compromise” then they will definitely be aware of such cases.

Accepting the authenticity of Casting Couch in Bollywood, he said, “I fully agree with Saroj and Renuka. I know how to make ‘compromises’ for girls to come to the movies. Perhaps Saroj ji has gone through this pain and humiliation himself. “He further said,” I do not know what can cast to the casting couch in politics, perhaps ‘casting-vote couch’ can speak. Young and ambitious generation of leaders is known for offering sexual fever and it is also well known that senior leaders accept it.

Sinha said, ‘I am not saying that it is all right. I have never been part of any such agreement, but we can not turn away from the truth around us. Do not condemn Sarojji for speaking the truth. “He said,” condemn those who have created such a situation, for which girls and boys have to think that they will have to compromise to make progress in life. ” Although Sinha immediately said, ‘Casting couch is a personal choice. No girl or boy is forced to do this. You have something to give and you are proposing it to someone who is interested in it. Where is the force or compulsion in it? ‘