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The clearance of Sea Plains clears, the government approves to set up Sea Planes premises.

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The Central Government has prepared a plan to spread sea-level service to large scale in India. For this, the government has cleared the construction of the premises to clear the sea-plane in different parts of the country. This information was given in the statement issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on Saturday. According to the statement, the first of the seaplane’s bases will be made by Sabarmati of Gujarat, Sardar Sarovar dam and near Chilka Lake of Odisha.

Giving information about this, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted, “Theoretical clearance has been given to make seaplane bases in different states of the country. This will boost tourism and connectivity to places where religious beliefs will be good. ”

He told that the government has selected 5 places for the first phase. It includes Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Assam. In the first phase, work will be done at Chilka Lake (Odisha), Sabarmati river and Sardar Sarovar Dam (Gujarat). Prabhu said that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has already given information about the rules for making the airport and licensing of C-plane airports.

According to the DGCA, any body applying for aerodrome made in the reservoir will have to get the approval of various authorities including the Ministry of Defense, Home Ministry, Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Ministry of Shipping. This license will be valid for two years.

PM Modi used this
In India, C-Plane got its new identity after PM Modi used it. In December last year, PM Modi had traveled to Si-Plain in Gujarat. Then the PM Modi went to the Ambaji temple from the Sabarmati coast, sitting in the seaplane. The PM then made it clear that Si-Plane would also come in the coming days in Sabarmati.

Big players in preparation
Currently, big players like SpiceJet and Pawanhans are showing interest in buying C-plane. At the same time, Mahindra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. and Weeking Air Limitate are working together to create a turboprop, which includes C-Plane. Weeking has already made Twin Oter Series 400. This turboprop, which has the ability to carry 19 passengers, can also run in water.

At the same time, SpiceJet is launching its service in rare areas, this service will be of 10-14 seat aircraft, which will also include seaplane. Last year, SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh informed that he wants to start the service with about 100 small planes. This will include both water-driven and air-type planes.