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The Chinese app in India’s market with obscene content.

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The youth of small cities of India are dreaming of becoming Bollywood stars and earning a lot of money by logging on the ‘Bigo Live’ live streaming app. But this app is a jolt. Bigo has made more than 10,000 paid broadcaster in India. Most of these hosts are young women who are passionate about dancing. Among them are women who talk vulgar to people.

Bigo Live creates its host through more than 300 web agencies. It often targets small towns. After that, it teaches the methods of broadcasting. Let us say that more than 60 million people are using the app in India. Of these, approximately 5 lakh daily users are

A senior executive has said that Bigo Live has warned in the app, ‘Pornographic, porn, copyrighted material will not be published here. It will be banned. We monitor its 24 hours. ‘ However, some content on this app appears to be violating these rules.

There is a woman in a broadcast that is lying on the bed in Nightdress. It was seen by approximately 2,080 people and people sent virtual gifts. At the same time, people also made sexual demand. The viewers here are mostly men. It is also sometimes demanded to transfer 100 rupees from Paytm for porn demand.

A host can host many guests on Bigo Live. Let us know that there is already a lot of porn cam operations on the internet but this is the beginning of the country market. Hundreds of videos come in search of ‘Bigo Live Girls’ on YouTube. This app is battling apps such as Liveme, Meme Live and Yoem Live. The company claims that through this app, users can earn up to one lakh in a month. Apart from this, the company has also claimed to pay salaries to the followers on target.