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The Central Government issued instructions to ban Rohingyas, to send Rohingyas back.

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The central government has written a letter to Jammu and Kashmir and other states and has instructed Rohingya refugees living in non-legal ways to be restricted to the same places where they are already living. At the same time, the Center has refused to give the Aadhaar card or any kind of identity card to Rohingya refugees. If a government source thinks that this preparation is being done so that these information may be shared with Myanmar and the Rohingyas living in India can be sent back to their country.

These instructions issued by the government show that it is concerned about the possibility of presence of militants between Rohingya refugees and their involvement in the crime. In his letter to the states, the Center has also mentioned that Rohingya can be a threat to the security of the country. Home Ministry has said that illegal living Rohingya refugees in India are doing fake PAN card, voter ID card, money laundering and others Anti-national activities are involved.

According to estimates imposed by intelligence agencies last year, about 40,000 Rohingya are living in lawless form in different parts of India. Of these, 7,096 in Jammu and Kashmir, 3,059 in Hyderabad, 1,114 in Mewat of Haryana, 1200 in Western Uttar Pradesh, 1,061 in Okhla of Delhi and 400 Rohingya in Jaipur. According to Central agencies, a network of brokers in West Bengal and Assam is working to make fake documents as soon as they enter the country for Rohingyas. Some NGOs run by Muslim organizations in West Bengal are also providing them the facility to stay in the camp.

According to an intelligence officer recently reports of Rohingya people going to states like Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have been reported. At the same time refugees in Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad and Andaman Nicobar Islands have started going in large numbers. The Home Ministry is also shocked that even after being a Muslim, the Rohingya did not go to the valley and decided to settle in Jammu. An advertisement issued in September 2017 on Rohingyas has also been challenged in the Supreme Court. During the hearing, the court told the matter to work with humanitarian means on this issue.

Some instructions have been given in the letter issued by the Center to Jammu and Kashmir, which the government has to adhere to. According to these instructions, firstly all Rohingya refugees have to be restricted to the same where they are already living. Secondly, all Rohingya refugees have to make personal data, in which they will be given the address of where they were staying in Myanmar. Thirdly, the state does not have to issue any such illegal document or identity card to Rohihyas, who can later prove themselves as a citizen of India.