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The brutal fire broke out in Brazil’s 200-year-old museum.

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Brasilia, A fierce fire broke out at the National Museum in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. This is the oldest scientific institute in the country. The BBC told on Monday that the firefighters were engaged in quenching the fire in the building, in which more than 200 million precious things were kept. Brazilian President Michel Temer tweeted, “It is a tragic day for Brazilian people and the value of our history can not be measured by the damage to the building.”

It is not known yet that no one has been injured in the fire that took place on Sunday. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. The museum, which used to be the residence of the Portuguese royal family, started in 2018, it turned 200 years old. In a interview to Brazil’s TV Globo, the director of the museum described this event as a cultural tragedy.

According to the website, the museum has thousands of items related to Brazilian history and Egyptian artifacts, including other countries. Its natural history collection includes 12,000-year-old human skeletons of important dinosaurs and a woman, which is the oldest skeleton ever found in Latin America.