python swallowed woman,MUNA PROVINCE,Indonesian

The body of a woman was found in python’s stomach.

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Jakarta, In a village of Muna province of Indonesia, when the body of a woman was found in the stomach of a seven-meter-long dragon. Actually, Python had swallowed a woman doing her gardening. During the women’s search, people saw a dragon whose stomach was bloated, people suspected that this should not happen, it has swallowed the woman, then people killed the python and removed the body of the woman from her stomach.

The incident took place in Mabulu village of Muna province. 54-year-old Wa Tiba was seen to be gardening on Thursday evening for the last time. His two sons got upset when he was not seen till the next morning. After this, at least 100 villagers also came out in search of it. Then they saw the torch and slippers. 30 meters away in the bush showing him a python whose stomach was bloated.

The troubled sons called the police and at 6 in the morning the villagers started gathering in his house. After this he killed Python and cut the body of the python to remove the body of the woman. The woman’s head was near the dragon’s tail, it meant that the woman was swallowed with a head.

A police official said on Saturday that Wa Tiba had come out for horticulture, but then the house did not return. He said, “Locals saw a python who was unable to walk. By which people realized that they had swallowed or destroyed Tiba. People came with python and started cutting it. His suspicion proved true and the body of Wa Tiba came out of the snake. Unfortunately the woman had lost her life. ‘