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The allegations made by the United States, China is recruiting spies through Linkedin.

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Washington, China is recruiting American citizens through social networking sites in the US who have government and commercial secrets. China’s spy agencies are doing this by making a fake profile on such a social networking site LinkedIn. American Intelligence Chief William Evanina told News Agency Reuters that intelligence officers have warned Linkedin about this move of China.

Evanina said that China is approaching thousands of linked people members at once. Although he did not say how far the American intelligence has caught a number of fake profiles, and so far how many people have succeeded in recruiting China. At the same time, he said that just recently Twitter has removed millions of fake accounts and he wants LinkedIn to take such a step.

Germany and Britain also warned its citizens that China is recruiting spies using Linkedin. But this is the first time that the US official has publicly discussed this threat. According to US officials, areas like Supercomputing, Nuclear Energy, Nanotechnology, Semi-Conductors, Health Care, Seeds and Green Energy are on target. China intends to use handcuffs like intrusion for recruitment. For example, money is being offered to professionals or scientists associated with professional papers.

LinkedIn’s trust and safety head Paul Rockwell also confirmed that he was talking to US intelligence agencies about the recruitment of spies in the US by China. Rockwell said that he is making every effort to stop this activity. Although Rockwell refused to divulge information about the Fake Accounts associated with Chinese intelligence agencies.

China’s Foreign Ministry denouncing the US allegation that what America has said is completely nonsense and baseless.