The Alchemist

The Alchemist: The Book That Will Make The Journey Of Achieving The ‘Dream’ So Much Fun That The ‘Destination’ Can’t Be Remembered

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When you want something, the whole creation conspires for you, helping you to achieve it. You must have heard a dialogue similar to this line in the film Om Shanti Om of Hindi cinema. But actually, this line is recorded in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The meaning that is hidden in the depth of this line is that if you want something with your heart, mind, and your whole soul, then this creation, this nature of this nature will also help you to achieve it. Whether it is an intention, a purpose, or a purpose of your life.

Swami Vivekananda has said the same thing-

Do one thing at a time, take one idea, and while doing so throw your whole soul into it and forget everything else.

Perhaps Paolo Coelho in ‘The Alchemist‘ wants to say something similar. But here they talk of ‘dream’ instead of purpose. they say.

We all have some kind of dream. Not the dream which we see while sleeping, but the dream which does not let us sleep. The special thing is that no one else has the key to achieve that dream, but that key is with us only.

The moment we find our dream, we recognize it, and then when we start working hard and wishing to achieve it, then along with us this creation also helps us to achieve it.

Many times it seems that everything is over now, but when we move forward with courage again, the way starts the meeting.

It is the story of Santiago, a Spanish boy who becomes a shepherd to travel the world. He roams the plains of Andalusia with his sheep. But his life changes when he shares his dream with someone.

He says that Egypt has a treasure, to get it, a girl takes him by the hand and then disappears, he wakes up at the same place.

To find out about his dream, he goes to a gypsy old lady who works like a dream maker.

‘The journey to achieve one’s dreams also teaches a man a lot’

While pursuing his dream, Santiago meets many people. Learns many experiences, learns many languages ​​, and travels many places in the world. In this journey, Santiago becomes a rich man and then a day comes when he loses everything. He also falls in love with a desert girl named Fatima.

The special thing is that while chasing his dream, Santiago achieves all that he could never get.

When the story finally ends, it is revealed that the treasure Santiago was looking for was not in Egypt, but where he started his journey to see the world with his sheep.

What does the book ‘The Alchemist’ teach?

  1. When we want to find someone with all our heart, the whole creation conspires for us to help us get it.
  2. No one else has the key to achieve your dream, but that key is with us only.
  3. A dream is not what we see while sleeping, it is a dream which does not let us sleep
  4. ‘The Alchemist’ will teach you to dream and follow it
  5. Sometimes we forget the destination in achieving our goal because it is so much fun to try.