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The accused of Kathua Rape Case admitted a crime, That,s why the girl was murdered.

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New Delhi: There is a big disclosure in the case of rape and murder of a eight-year-old girl in Kathua. Police in the investigation of the case said that one of the accused, Sanjhi Ram, has confessed to the murder. During the interrogation, she told that she came to know of the rape of four days after the child abduction and her son was also involved in the rape. After this he decided to kill the child.

Investigators said that on January 10, the minor girl was raped by a minor nephew of Sanjhi Ram on the same day. Sanjhi Ram got information about this incident on January 13 when his nephew confessed his crime. Sanjhi Ram told the investigators that he worshiped in ‘Divyasthan’ and asked his nephew to take Prasad home, but he continued to delay. In his anger, he beat him. After being beaten, a minor thought that his uncle knew of the incident of raping a girl and he himself confessed everything. The minor also implicated his cousin Vishal (son of Sanjhi Ram) in this case and said that both of them raped the girl in the temple. After knowing this, Sanjhi Ram decided that the baby should be killed, so that he could erase every clue that reached his son. It is also possible to achieve its objective of abducting the stray community.

After this, on January 14, Sanjhi Ram murdered the girl. However, things did not go according to plan after this. After killing the child, he wanted to throw it in the Hiranagar canal, but due to lack of arrangement of the vehicle, he brought him back to ‘Divyasthan’, whose Samajhi Ram was a servant. Later, the body of the child was recovered from the forest on 17th January. Investigators said that Sanjhi Ram had prepared his nephew to accept the offense, but the son kept Vishal away from him and assured him that he would be taken out of the remand home soon. It is worth noting that in addition to the minor in this case, Sanjhi Ram, his son Vishal and five others have been made accused. Investigators told, This whole plot was created to intimidate and remove the girl from the Hindu dominated area to the people of the boating community. On the other hand, Anjur Sharma, lawyer of Sanjhi Ram, refused to comment on the description of the incident being conducted by investigators and said that he can not tell his defense strategy.