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The 15-year-old boy ends his life after being called ‘kinnar’; leaves heart-wrenching suicide note behind.

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Tired of the constant bullying and being termed as a transgender by people around him, a 10th-grade student took a drastic step and decided to end his life.

The deceased was a resident of Subhash Nagar, Bareilly, the young boy was found hanging at his residence on Monday. The youth was allegedly fighting an inner battle against the cruel and mean remarks hurled at him by many people for his effeminate features and mannerisms.

The deceased’s younger brother claimed that the deceased was a fan of Sushant Singh Rajput and that Sushant’s suicide triggered the grade 10th student. The deceased brother reportedly said, “A day before ending his life, my brother had said when an actor like Sushant Singh Rajput could commit suicide, then he too could do it.”

The 15-year-old boy ended his life when his father had gone to the market while his brother was studying in another room. The teenaged boy also left a heartbreaking suicide note that raises an extremely important point – the huge effect that seemingly meaningless jokes can have on a human being.

In his suicide note, the 10th-grade student apologized for not being able to be a good son. The note read, “I have girl-like features and even my face is like them. people laugh at me. Even I have started feeling as I am a ‘kinnar’. My life will darken your life and that is the reason why my death is necessary. Please bless me that I take birth as a girl. If a girl is born in our family, then you must believe that I have returned. “

The deceased’s father said that the 15-year-old boy was very close to his younger brother and extremely loved cooking. He said that the deceased used to apply makeup, dress like women, and dance like women. He added, “My son was normal, but a few people, including my relatives, misunderstood him and used to pass absurd comments at him and would make fun of him. “