Thavasi, Tamil actor begging for healing

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In fact, tragedies have been rampant in the film industry in recent times. Worried about what kind of news will be heard. Now another comedian in this order is also in a toxic situation. Actor Thavasi, who has made a name for himself in Tamil cinema, is in poor health.

He made some films in Tamil Nadu. He laughed in his own style with them. Also got recognition. However, he has been suffering from cancer for a few days. But his health is deteriorating day by day due to financial difficulties. His son made a video to see if anyone in the industry could support him.

Doctors have diagnosed Thavasi with cancer. With that, the actor, who was once very strong, turned into a bone nest within a few years. It also takes a long time to figure him out. Sadly he went into a situation where no one could not recognize Thavasi. Unless someone came and tell it was him.

Thavasi’s son has appealed to the film industry to support Armugam in the wake of spending millions on his treatment. The video he posted is now going viral. Thavasi’s performance in the blockbuster film ‘Varuttapadatha Volleyball Sangam’ starring Shiva Karthikeyan got good marks. From there he got offers in many movies.

Especially in many movies, he entertained with the roles of priest and astrologer. He is now waiting in the hospital for help. However, the hero Shiva Karthikeyan has already announced that he will support him. He said that he would go ahead to help him. He advised the family to be brave.

Sivakarthikeyan has mentioned his fan club individuals to hand over a check of Rs 25,000 to Thavasi and his family. Likewise, Vijay Sethupathi, through his companion actor Soundar Raj, gave Rs 1 lakh to Thavasi and his family.

On his part, Soundar Raja has contributed Rs 10,000 to Thavasi and family. Actor Soori has additionally stretched out financial aid to the actor’s family. Other Tamil actors also want him to recover quickly.