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Thailand: The football team found but can remain in the cave for a month.

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Mae Sai, The location of the young football team trapped in a cave in northern Thailand was detected on Monday and 12 children and their football coach were found alive. But the operation is not completed right now. Actually, it is not possible to bring children out due to rising water level and sludge. Divers say that it can take about a month to get these children out of the cave right now. The age of these children is between 11 and 16 years and there is a coach who is 25 years old.

An Australian diver, Peter Wolfe said that it will take about a month to save 12 children and their coach. The reason for this is that these children do not know swim. Governor said that the mission is not yet complete. We will send a medical team inside the cave to improve the health of the children. Not only that, the cave will be used to remove the water filled in the cave soon after which the children can be brought out. According to reports, divers can teach these children swimming too so that they can be brought out of the water.

These children are seen in a video shared on the Facebook page of Thai Navy Seal. These two children have been found by two British divers. The children sitting in the hope of seeing the torchlight look out to the divers, ‘We are hungry, can we go out?’ When the divers asked the children how many people were together, the answer was received 13, so it became clear that all the children and coaches trapped in the cave are safe. However, all of these have become very weak. These children are in a high place inside the cave, with water on all sides. According to CNN, Rescue Team is expelling 16 lakh liters of water per hour from the cave.

Children will be sent 4 months food According to Captain Akanand Surawan of the Royal Thai Navy, to protect these 12 children and their coaches, the amount of oxygen in the cave will be increased so that their breathing becomes easier. Not only this, a 4-month meal will be sent to children and they will be taught to swim.

Rescue work was started from June 25 to find the missing children from June 23. A team of about 1000 people from China, Myanmar, Laos and Australia had been involved in finding children.