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Thailand is hit by nature, 370 people killed in boat ferry accident.

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Bangkok, Rescue workers have taken 37 bodies out of the sea after boat crash in Thailand’s Phuket. There were dozens of Chinese tourists riding on the boat. The bodies of people who were victims of the Phoenix touristic boat accident were found in the water due to the trap in the storm on Thursday evening. A Thai Navy official said on condition of anonymity, “The number of people killed today is 37 and 18 is not known yet.”

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Earlier, the divers reported that more than ten bodies were seen in the submerged boat. Thailand Navy’s Rear Admiral Charanaphone Khumrasi said that they will try to find the dead bodies today. A Chinese woman was taken to the hospital in Phuket. According to AFP, many kilometers away from the sinking boat, he spent the night in water. Do not know about his position.

Wu Jun (28), standing near the bed of his wife Long Hui Ning in the hospital, said, “When we left, the sky was clear, we did not know that the weather would get worse soon.” The couple came here to celebrate honeymoon and both of them escaped in the accident. This morning, there were reports of missing 56 passengers and this is the worst fatal accident in the history of recent Thailand. The boat was flown from the Phuket at a time when warnings were issued about bad weather.