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Thailand: Due to affair with other women. Anger wife cut private part and threw out of the window.

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Si Racha, Even though Husband-wife fight has been heard in the battle, but now a strange case came. Where, when the husband found out his affair from someone else, the woman first excited her husband and then cut her private part with a sharp knife and threw her out of the window.

Yes, this case of Thailand is strange in the hearing. According to the news of Mirror UK, 24-year-old Karuna Sunsan told the police that at first she waited for her 40-year-old husband Siriphan to sleep and then excited and cut off the penis with a 12 inch big knife.

The angry lady did not stop here, after which she threw her husband’s private part outside from the bedroom window so that he could not meet anyone. During this, Siriphan was lying with blood. Neighbors called the police after hearing the moaning of Siripan, who reached the crime spot on the morning of 6.00 pm.

The police searched for the cut out penis and kept it in the ice box and asked the doctors to add it again, but doctors told it is impossible. Siriphan was admitted to a nearby hospital and Karuna was arrested by police and detained in custody. Karuna is basically of Cambodia. During police inquiries, the woman told that she had recently found that her husband is in a relationship with another woman. Knowing this, she got very angry and she planned to do this.