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Thailand discovered coronavirus treatment. The patient will recover in 48 hours.

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Thailand has made a big announcement amid the growing outbreak of Coronavirus around the world. Thailand claims to have discovered an antidote of the coronavirus. A woman from China was infected with the coronavirus, which has been cured by a Thailand doctor.

After this, the Thai doctor claimed this by holding a press conference. The doctor said that he has freed a 71-year-old woman from the coronavirus.

The doctor in Thailand says that he has cured the coronavirus with a cocktail of medicines. Doctor Kriengsak of the Corona infection-relieving team said, “When we gave this antidote to the corona-affected woman, the woman woke up from the bed 12 hours after it and 48 hours later when she was tested in the corona No effect of virus was found. ”

Apart from China, the coronavirus has made its reach in many countries of the world. Citizens of many countries have been advised not to go to China. At the same time, some countries have canceled their flight to China. The World Health Organization has announced the International Health Emergency regarding the coronavirus.

Chinese citizens are being humiliated and returning from many restaurants in China amidst the growing threat of Coronavirus. Many restaurants in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam have refused to serve Chinese customers.

Many newspapers in France and Australia are facing criticism for racist remarks. Such comments are coming on many websites of South Korea which are demanding to expel or ban the people of China.

The Noble Corona Virus 2019-NCOV of China’s Wuhan Province is spreading rapidly. According to scientists, every two to three other people of this are also infecting the coronavirus. So far 426 people have died of coronavirus in China. According to local media, so far 20,383 cases of corona have been confirmed in the country.