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Thailand: Death of former Navy Seal engaged in removing children from cave.

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Mae sai, Childrens trapped in Thailand’s cave may have been searched but it is becoming difficult to take them out safely day by day. Thailand’s former Navy SEAL died on Friday in the rescue of these children. The name of this diver is being described as Samnar Kunan.

While declaring the death of former Navy SEAL officials, the 38-year-old Kunan himself came forward to find the children. Nearing 1 a.m. when he was diving into the cave, he lost his life due to lack of oxygen. He was preparing to dive into the cave under the rescue mission.

The body of Kunan has been sent to Suvarnabhoomi Airport, Bangkok. However, it has not been clear yet that after his death, the impact of the ongoing rescue work to remove 12 children and one coach from their cave will be affected.

Thai officials had also made a plan that the children should wear diving masks and take them out of Navy’s diver cave. When a spokesperson was asked that if a pre-veteran Navy SEAL could die in this cave, how would the children be removed, they replied, ‘We have to make every effort.’ Let us know that from June 23 in North Thailand, Tham Luang went to the cave and was caught there after filling water in the cave due to heavy rains.

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