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Thailand Cave Rescue: These are the ‘real heroes’ who remove the children from the cave.

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Mae Sai, From June 23, when children trapped in the cave were thrown out, not only Thailand, but also a happy smile with relief on the face of the whole world. This impossible mission was made possible after hard work and planning. More than 100 workers were inside the cave for rescue work and a total of 1000 people were engaged in rescue operation. A diver explained that in the last 9 days, he spent 63 hours inside the cave, which is very difficult in himself. Let’s tell you about those who have actually become the heroes of this rescue operation.

Richard Harris
When the Australian doctor Richard Harris came out of the cave after successfully bringing the 12 boys and his coach out of the cave, his happiness was snatched briefly. He got the news that when he was engaged in saving the youth football team, his father died at the same time. According to reports from the Australian media, Richard had left his holidays in the middle and came to join the mission.

Thai Navy Seal
With the help of commanders of Navy Seal of Thailand, this mission has been completed. Thai Navy Seal wrote on his Facebook page, ’12 Wild Boars and his coach are out of the cave. All are safe. ‘ The Thai navy was also an international diver to accompany the seal.

Saman Guna
Former Thai Navy Seal Commander Saman Guna was the man who lost his life while saving the children. According to Thai officials, Saman Guna died due to lack of oxygen inside the cave. He himself was involved in this mission.

Coach Ekapol Chanthawong
A close friend of Thai football players called coach Ekapol Chanthawong stranded with children in the cave as a real hero. Apart from this, other people in Thailand also believe that due to ecosystem, children were still hungry for 9 days. Last week, coach had said in a message that he was responsible for trapping himself in the cave of children and promised that he would not leave any stone unturned to care for the children.

John Volanthen and Rick Stanton
This pair of British divers is considered one of the best divers on earth. The two of these pairs first found the children on the first of July 2 in the cave.