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Thailand Cave Rescue: Summary of the children trapped in the cave, the completed operation. Thailand had used full power .

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Mae sai, It will be called charisma only. 12 children and their coach stranded within four kilometers of a cave from around 17 days. The whole world was praying for their safety. The world’s legendary diver, the sealed commandos were looking for children. The fear of unhappiness every moment was sitting in the heart of the children’s parents. But it was the effect of crores of crores that not only the children were taken out in the cave, but they were transported safe to a hospital on Tuesday. After two weeks of campaign, they were safely evacuated from the cave. This campaign was successfully managed by the world’s leading diver, Thailand Seal Commando. All children removed from the cave are in good condition. The whole world was being prayed for the success of this campaign and everyone’s eyes were on it. Let’s know the whole story from the beginning of the event to the end.

June 23: After the practice session of the morning, children of the 12-member team of ‘Wild Boars’ were returning with a coach from their bicycle. The heavy rain started on the way and his coach, Ekapol Chanthong, took the children to Tham Luang Nang Noon Cave. When a child did not reach home and was unable to contact them, the children’s parents filed their report of missing. The children’s bicycle was found at the mouth of the cave and on the same day they started exploring.

June 24: Rescue teams begin rescue operation with local officials Meet the police and rescue teams at the entrance to the cave of children’s football shoes and other belongings.

25th June: As the search operation marks the hand and foot marks of children on the entrance to the cave. These marks were to go inside their cave. After this, the children’s parents started worshiping for their safe return.

June 26: Nearly a dozen Thai Navy seal commandos and other forces begin to enter the cave. But Thailand’s Home Minister Anupong Paochinda told reporters that there is a lot of mud in the cave and it is getting difficult to enter. Some mud pit of the cave were covered with mud.

June 27: More heavy rains have started obstructing the search operation. The faster the water was being removed from the cave, it started filling water in it faster. After this, many more private teams joined the campaign along with Australia’s military team and UK cave experts.

28 June: The attempt to extract water from the cave extensively started. An attempt was made to remove the water from the top of the mountain and remove the water from there. Apart from this, the search of any other cave of the cave was also started. Due to security reasons the divers were prevented from going into the cave.

June 29: PM Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand approached the cave to supervise relief and rescue work and urged the relatives of the children and their parents not to give up their expectations. Meanwhile, in the attempt to pierce the upper part of the cave, little success was achieved.

June 30: Due to the stopping of the rain, the search of the missing children has been expedited. Some major experts in the world including China and Australia had reached the cave and joined the rescue operation. With the hope of finding the right conditions for the children, the rescue workers also practiced how to be sent to the hospital after removing the children.

July 1: The dancers managed to get inside the main gate of the cave and managed to build a platform inside the cave. The Thai Navy seals managed to reach the commando cave in a place where the path of the cave was going on both sides.

July 2: Two special divers from UK find the missing children and their coach. He recorded videos while talking to children with himself.

July 3: Children’s survival video was released. The children were telling about themselves. They were bidding both their hands and greeting them in traditional Thai way and were telling their names. The children told in the video that they are healthy.

July 4: Seven young soldiers of Navy Seal and a doctor approached the children and gave them food and medicines. During this, it was also discussed whether children should be sent out with divers, or they should be kept in the cave until the situation is correct.

July 5: Children stranded in the cave began to learn the lessons of diving so that they can swim some distance while taking them out of a watery way. Apart from this, efforts were made to expel water from the cave.

July 6: Officials said that they are going to try to get children out of the cave as soon as possible. He feared that if more rains took place, the children could remain trapped in the cave for a long time and they could be in danger. Concern got worse due to the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the cave. Meanwhile, one of the sealed commandos involved in rescue work died due to lack of oxygen in the cave.

July 7: Officials said that due to the fear of heavy rains, soon the work of extracting children from under water will start. However, he also said that children were unable to fully learn the methods of diving.

July 8: Officials supervising rescue operations have said that the time for decision has now come. They said that the work of bringing children and their coaches out of the cave has begun. Divers managed to get four children out of the cave

July 9: Divers succeeded in taking out four more children on the second day of their campaign. After this, only four children and their coaches were left inside the cave.

July 10: All children and their coach were taken out on the third phase and final day of rescue operations of the divers. With this, the two-week long campaign ended.