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Thailand Cave Rescue: Rescue chief ‘Narongsak’ said ‘Childrens were ‘sleeping’, when they came out from the cave.’

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Chiang Rai, Thailand
The children removed from the cave in Thailand were brought out sleeping on the stretcher. A former Navy SEAL commando who was involved in the drive said on Wednesday that children were brought to sleep on the stretcher to get rid of this risky path.

Operation to save the children and their coach from the cave began on Sunday and it was not informed until it was completed three days later. Commander Cyantha said, “Some children were asleep, while some children were even scared.” The doctors present in Tham Luang Cave were constantly monitoring the children’s pulse and their condition.

He said, ‘My job was to bring the children there. The children were brought out in a stretcher. ‘ Thailand’s junta chief told reporters on Tuesday that children were given a light trinkleizer so that they could be kept normal. Although the diver clearly denied this. All the children were safely taken away from this campaign carefully.

The 11-16 year old footballer children of the Wild Boars team had no experience of diving. Apart from this, the news of the death of a former Navy Seal commando underlined the dangers of the cave. Thailand had said that 13 of the world’s finest divers were engaged in this campaign. Among these divers was Richard Harry Harris of Australia who is a professional diver.

Rescue Chief Narongsak told reporters on Wednesday that this operation was not possible without a unique skeleton and Harris did this during the operation. Although Harris did not disclose how he contributed to the defense the team.