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Thailand Cave Rescue: Released first video of Navy Seal rescue campaign.

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Chiang Rai, The first video footage attached to the campaign launched to save under-16 football players trapped in Thailand cave, has been released. In the video, the divers are showing signs of bringing children stranded in the cave. Video released on the Facebook page of Thai Navy Seal, weed-free defenders are removing the members of the football team stranded in the cave with the help of a stretcher. At the same time, the medical team in Thailand has reported that the weight of 12 children and their coach removed from the cave has dropped to an average of 2 kg. However, their health is fine.

Rescuers include Thai and foreign, who are seen in the cave using safe rope and rubber pipes using other rescue equipment.

“Some children have pneumonia, but no one has serious health problems,” said a member of the medical team. In the press conference, the relief and rescue work carried out to evacuate the cave was found in the cave on Tuesday. Withdrawal was completed as well. Symptoms of hypothermia were found in five members of the Young Football Team ‘Wild Boars’, which reached the hospital on Tuesday, as they had to face difficult conditions and cold temperatures of water for 18 days in the cave. Members of the group were evicted from the cave in three separate groups between July 8 and July 10.

Having come out safe from the cave of children and their coach, there is a whole wave of joy in Thailand. After being trapped in the cave for 18 days, the rescue operation was completed on Tuesday, with four children and their coach coming out of the final group. This campaign was shadowed in Thai media, newspapers. ‘Wild Boars’ is being given a light meal of rice and chicken with many vitamin supplements. The enthusiasm of the child and coach is made and they will spend at least seven days in the medical center before getting discharged from the hospital.