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Thailand Cave Rescue: Know more, how to remove 4 kids from the cave of Thailand.

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Mae Sai, On June 23, 17 days ago, 11 to 16 year old children and their 25-year-old coach had entered the Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand and finally on July 8, 4 out of these 13 were successfully pulled out. However, it is possible to estimate how difficult this mission can be made by the fact that a former Thai Navy Seal Commander engaged in saving the children died due to oxygen deficiency inside the cave’s cave. In this cave 10 kilometers long, children are within 4 kilometers.
Know how these 4 children were finally removed.

– On Sunday 13 international divers and 5 Thai Navy seals commanders entered the cave to disperse the children. The team includes experts from UK, US, China, Australia, Japan, Laos and Myanmar.

– Of the 13 divers, each of the two divers were brought to the dock, and the rest were deployed in dangerous areas of 1 km.

– The divers had already put ropes in the cave which were helping them to tell the way.

– Both the divers carried the four children one by one to their base made in Chamber 3. Which is only a short distance from the entrance to the cave.

According to the news, the children rested here for a while and the road ahead of them crossed on foot.

– Divers had to walk in the water in the dark to remove the children, had to climb somewhere and dive.

– Divers took 11 hours to take out every child. The divers had to move somewhere between 3 feet wide and 2 feet long narrow paths inside the cave.

– Divers had to go through T-junction inside the cave, which is so narrow that the divers had to take their air tank to get out of it.

– The campaign was stopped for 10 hours to replace the air tanks. In the next phase, there will be about 90 divers, 50 of whom will be foreigners.