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Thailand Cave Rescue: It was not easy task to get out the children from the cave.

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After all, 12 children and their coaches stranded in Thailand cave for the last two weeks have been taken out. The task of evacuating them was going on for several days, though the breakthrough success was found on Tuesday. Prayers were being made around the world for children and coaches trapped in the cave, including Thailand. Due to the hard work of divers and rescue workers, all people could be safely evacuated.

Meanwhile, a video of the rescue work run in Thailand on social media is becoming viral. It has been shown in the video that the rescue workers are reaching the children with the difficulty and risk their life. These rescue workers are not only going through the water, but they are also going out of narrow rocks. These rocks are such that no one is trapped.

The video is posted by a user on Twitter. It was written with the video, “Look at what kind of risk the British diver is taking to reach Thailand’s children and how dangerous it is to children.” This video has seen many millions of people.