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Thailand Cave Rescue: impossible mission to making possible mission, crucial 450 hrs for thailand.

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Mae sai, On June 23, when 12 boys from Thailand under-16 football team entered the cave with their coach, they did not know that the whole world would be able to save them in the next two days. However, the campaign was completed on July 10 and all were taken out safely. Let’s tell you how this rescue operation, which seemed impossible at one time, became possible.

How children are trapped in the cave?
The 12 boys 11 to 16 years old went to the Tham Luang Cave in northern Thailand after football practice with their coach. Due to heavy rains, the condition of flood occurred due to which everybody had to go inside the cave and all of them reached 4 kms of cave to avoid water.

Chance to save
On 2 July, members of the South And Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team and British Diver Richard stanton and john Volanthen searched the children in the cave. All these children were looking very weak because of hunger, and after seeing the divers smiles on everyone’s faces.

Status of ‘Do or die’
Initially it was said that children will have to stay in the cave until the monsoon is over, which may take months. But due to heavy rain it became clear that the water in the cave would be filled. The amount of carbon dioxide in the cave was also increasing, increasing the oxygen level and resulting in the death of children trapped there. So on 8th July, the defendants started rescue mission, knowing the situation of ‘do or die’.

How is the health of the children after evacuated from the cave?
Health officials say that all children’s health is fine. They do not have a fever but at the moment they will be under the supervision of doctors in the hospital for 7 days. The body of the first 4 children removed on Sunday was very low and the risk of infection of the two children in the lungs. In the second phase, one of the children removed has less pace of heartbeat but treatment is improving. At present doctors are investigating other diseases in the cave.

Rescue that make united the world
The chief of this search operation called the ‘United Nations Team’ who tried the rescue efforts. This team included workers from India, UK, China, Myanmar, Laos, Australia, US, Japan and many other countries. People were receiving messages from all over the world. On Tuesday, the word ‘Thai cave rescue’ showed 35.90 million results on Google search.

Thailand team support and cheer up for England.
Most Thailand residents have said that they will cheer England’s team in the FIFA World Cup semi-final match so that children can express gratitude to the British divers who are looking for them.

Dangerous path

There were 90 experienced divers in the cave. Of these 40 were from Thailand and the rest of the other countries. Every child had to wear a dive mask before entering the water. The oxygen tank was taken along to remove the children and was finding a way through a rope. There were two divers with every child. It was the most difficult task to cross the narrowest of the cave, where the children had to get out of the diver. The children were transported to the safe chamber 3 where Rescue operators had their base. After resting here for a while, the children were brought out.

Moments of sadness
On July 6, 38-year-old Thai Navy Seal Commander died inside the cave of Saman Gunan. He was returning after delivering air tanks to the children, but his life lost due to oxygen deficiency inside the cave.