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Thailand Cave Rescue: Hero’s entry in Thailand, Elon Musk arrived with ‘Baby Submarin’ in the cave.

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Washington/Mae Sai, Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, a space science company, tweeted on Tuesday that he has reached a cave in Thailand with a small submarine, where five members of the football team are still stranded. Musk said, ‘I just returned from Cave 3.

On the Instagram, they posted a video of flooded caves and rescue workers. Musk wrote, ‘If needed, the small submarine is ready. It is composed of parts of the rocket and named after it, Wild Boar, in the name of the children’s football team.

Cave Chamber 3 is located 2 kilometers from the entrance to the cave and is the operational center of Thailand’s rescue workers. The football team is at a distance of about two kilometers and there is a place where it is very difficult to reach. There is no indication yet that Thai Rescuers are trying to use the format of Musk. By Monday night the divers had taken out eight people from the football team safely.