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Thailand Cave Rescue: Children’s video released from hospital; express gratitude for relief workers.

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Bangkok, After being trapped in Thailand’s Tham Luang cave, 12 players from the junior football team who spent there for 18 days expressed gratitude to the relief workers. Please tell that all of them have been admitted to the hospital after being taken out safely. The hospital has released a video in which children are saying thank you for the trip.

One of these children said Adul, ‘My health is fine now. Thank you for saving me. Thank you very much. ‘ A child named Pong said, ‘Thank you all for encouraging us. Thanks to people from all over the world who helped us. At the same time, Beau said, “Thank you all for your concern about us.

Junior footballer Tun said, “I want to thank Navy Seal who saved my life and wanted to thank everyone for support so far.”

To save 13 people on the 23rd June to avoid rain, Thailand Navy SEAL, the world’s diver and local security forces launched a vigorous campaign to save 13 people. Doubts started for the children trapped in the cave from all over the world, and the divers were full power to save them. All children and their coaches were taken out of the cave safe in this campaign lasting for 18 days. A Navy Seal Commando was killed in this operation, but the security forces did not give up and succeeded in this biggest difficult campaign of the world.