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Thailand Cave Rescue: Being the favorable situation ,children can be expelled soon from the cave

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Mae Sai, In a cave in Thailand, a favorable situation is being created to remove 12 players and coaches of the youth football team stranded on June 23 and the next 48-72 hours will be very important. The Chief of Relief Mission told on Saturday that the children can be evacuated from the flooded cave in the coming days even before the rains and carbon dioxide levels rise again. The Chief said at this time when the Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains since Saturday in the country. Meanwhile, there is a prayer around the world for the safety of children.

Since the 12 players and coach of the young football team stuck at Tham Luang cave on June 23, the attention of the entire country has been sustained by them. Chief of the relief team Narongasan Osotankon told reporters, “Now is the appropriate time to remove them in the next three or four days in terms of water, weather and children’s health. We have to take a clear decision about what we can do. ‘

The level of oxygen that has been stabilized and Osotankon show that when they are removed from the cave, then the level of carbon dioxide and rain should also be considered. He said, ‘The level of water in the area can be increased where the children are sitting and the area will remain only 10 square meters.’ Earlier on Saturday morning he had said that the children are not in a position to swim out of the cave.

Kids wrote passionate notes
In the meantime Navy Seal has released a passionate note in the morning, the children trapped in the cave have written for their parents waiting outside. The children have requested the parents that they should not be worried for them and have said that they will eat their favorite food when they return.

Birthday celebration in the Cave
One of the stranded children was celebrate 16th birthday, the group is celebrating within the cave. He wrote to his family, ‘I love mother, father and sister all of you. You do not have to worry about me. ‘

Coach sought apology
At the same time, the 25-year-old coach wrote a letter and assured all children to be safe. The coach also apologized for the entrapment of the children in the cave from the parents. The coach wrote in his letter that he would take every possible care of the children and take all the measures to keep them safe.

Let the rescue team have to make a lot of efforts to continue the operation due to poor weather and lack of oxygen. More than 100 chimney caves are being transported to the children to deliver sufficient oxygen to the cave. However, due to heavy rains and bad weather, Chimney could not reach the location.