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Thailand Cave Rescue: All children and coaches came out of the cave.

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Mae sai, All 12 children trapped in Thailand cave and their coach have been taken out. Rescue operation was going on at war level to remove the children and coaches trapped in the cave from the last two weeks. All the world was being prayed for footballer children and their coach. On Tuesday, news of all the kids and the coach was taken to be safe. Divers and rescuers started operation again in Thailand.

The Thai Navy Seal Unit said on its official Facebook page, “All 12 children and their coaches have been evacuated from the cave. They are all safe. ‘ Significantly, on June 23.

The 25-year-old coach was returning from 11 to 16 years of training with children ‘Wild Boars’. That’s why due to heavy rains, they got into this cave. Due to heavy rain water was flooded in the cave and they were all trapped. Anapol is the assistant coach of the Wild Boars team.

Before this, 8 children were taken out of the cave till Monday, but 5 people, including the coach, were stranded in four kilometers in the cave. Two of these children were taken out in the morning. There are reports in the local media that children’s health is fine, but 2 children have pneumonia.

Officials in the mission told that the children are very happy to get out from the cave. Children are hungry and want to eat the favorite dish. Some children also demanded the favorite bread and chocolate. However, children are being given only liquid nutritious food.

Chief of the mission Narongski said on Monday that for the third campaign to start, it would take at least 20 hours, but this time could change at the level of the weather and water. They also told that the children will be kept away from their parents right now as the health authorities are now showing the risk of infection.

Prayers were being received around the world for the safe return of Thailand’s children and football coach. At the same time, divers and experts from many countries of the world were helping the Thailand government in the campaign to get rid of children. The Prime Minister of Thailand also thanked India especially, that the Indian Embassy has been getting constant support and in India, prayer are being for our children. Indians are grateful to.