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Thailand Cave Rescue: 18 divers enters the cave, the first child will come out today.

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Mae Sai, The task of evacuating 12 boys and their assistant football coach, who have been stranded for more than two weeks in Tham Luang cave of North Thailand, has been started on Sunday and at 9 pm local time, the child is expected to be taken out. is. 13 foreign divers and five diver of Thailand navy seals have gone out to take out these children. Divers will take about 11 hours to complete one round of caves. According to the reports, two divers will be brought out to each child.

Narongasan Osotankon, the head of the rescue mission, told the media, “Today or not today. At local time, at 13 o’clock in the morning, 13 foreign divers and 5 Thailand Navy seals have gone inside the commander’s cave. He said that the first of these children who spend 15 days in the cave can come out near 9 o’clock tonight.

An Army Commander who participated in the mission said that it could take around 2-4 days to take out all the children. Mission Chief told that the rescue team had rehearsed several times of its plan. He said, “If we wait and rain rains again in the coming days, our hard work in getting water out of so many days will be wasted. If that happens then we will have to think again on the situation. ‘

Chief of the mission, Narongasan Osotankon, had said on Saturday that the situation of the next three or four days is absolutely accurate for rescue work. The Chief of Relief Mission told on Saturday that the children can be evacuated from the flooded cave in the coming days even before the rains and carbon dioxide levels rise again.

He said, ‘The level of water in the area can be increased where the children are sitting and the area will remain only 10 square meters.’ The Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains in the country. In such a way the rescue team is feeling that it will be difficult to remove the children due to monsoon rains.

These challenges are standing in front of divers
– 12 children and their coaches are trapped within 4 kilometers from the entrance to the cave. The children in which the children are sitting in, there is so much water out there that they have a crisis situation.

– These children do not even come to swim properly and recently, after the death of a former Thai Navy Seal Commander, who took part in the rescue, these children are considered to be very challenging.

– Navy SEAL of Thailand involved in the rescue work has said that the level of water in the cave has been significantly lower than before. Many lakh liters of water has been released from the cave.

To get out – children have to get out of the narrow, water-filled path. Due to the soil, mud, it is difficult to douse the children.

According to a doctor who has been treating the children, the water of the cave is very cold. In such a case, children are susceptible to hypothermia when they get out. Hypothermia is a condition in which the body temperature drops rapidly.

According to doctors, children are also at risk of infection with bat, dirty water and dirt present in the cave.

– Flooded oxygen supply in this cave is very low. To reach the children the divers will have to cross the narrow tunnels successfully. According to the CNN report, the cylinders have been installed in addition to oxygen.