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Thailand Cave Incident: Football coach apologizes to parents, all the kids are still fine i promise to take the very best.

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Rescue is on also in bad weather to remove the children trapped in a cave in Thailand and a 25-year-old coach. Meanwhile, the coach of the football team stranded in the cave wrote a letter and assured all children to be safe. The coach also apologized for the entrapment of the children in the cave from the parents. Children have also written messages for the family.

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The coach wrote in his letter that he would take every possible care of the children and take all the measures to keep them safe. They also apologized to the children’s parents. Let’s say that some people in the local media are appreciating the efforts of the football coach, then there are some people who consider the coach responsible for this condition of the children. The children have written passionate messages for their family with the coach. The members of the family are sitting outside the cave on the night of night and are praying to return safely.

Due to bad weather and lack of oxygen, the rescue team has to make a lot of efforts to continue the operation. More than 100 chimney caves are being transported to the children to deliver sufficient oxygen to the cave. However, chimneys are not able to reach the location due to heavy rains and bad weather.

Narongasan Osotankon, who is associated with the rescue team, said, “It is estimated that children are trapped in water for 600 meters, but the work of delivering oxygen is being done to them. In the cave, 100 fireplaces have been installed and some chimneys are up to 400 meters depth. At the declining level of oxygen, he said that a new pipe has been found to deliver fresh oxygen to the children.

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Explain that the Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains since Saturday in Thailand. Meanwhile, there is a prayer around the world for the safety of children. Not only Thailand, special prayers are being organized in many countries of the world for the protection of children and coach.