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Test of democracy in Pakistan, general elections, serious charges of interference in military affairs

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There are going to be general elections in Pakistan on July 25. This is a historic event for the country because it is only for the second time when there is a transfer of power in a democratic way. At such a time when serious allegations of military intervention in the state are concerned, this election becomes even more important. That is why the eyes of the whole world are hinged on this election of Pakistan, which is considered as a test of democracy.

Last Friday, the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party handed power to the caretaker government after completing a five-year term. This is also a milestone for democracy. However, as the election campaign has started, the tension between the leaders and the powerful army is also increasing. Let us tell you that since the partition, the army has been ruled by Pakistan for more than half the time.

Four MPs of PML-N said that they are under pressure and they are getting threats to go to the camp of their opposition parties, while the newspapers have filled the allegations of Army intervention. Journalists and media groups say censorship has increased. Daneil Aziz, minister of PML-N, explained in code word how interfering in general elections. They said, ‘This is going down the back path, hidden and down the radar.’

Another crisis between economic instability
Although the Pakistan Army has clearly refused to interfere in politics. The army has not responded to questions raised on such allegations. The political tension in Pakistan, which has a population of 20.8 crores, is growing at a time when the country seems to be moving towards economic instability. Islamabad’s currency reserves are declining rapidly and with its current financial loss, analysts seem to have realized that the next government will need bailout from the IMF for the second time.

Meanwhile, PML-N founder Nawaz Sharif is facing allegations of corruption. The Supreme Court had disqualified him from the post of PM, after which he had to leave the post. He has said that it is rigged before the election which can prevent our party from coming back to power. They have declared the struggle saying that the purity of the vote is to be saved.

Nawaz challenged by Imran
The biggest challenge to the PML-N is getting from Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan-Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), who is making corruption a major issue. Khan has denied the fact that the army generals reported to PTI. He said that by making such allegations, Sharif wants to avoid accountability. Although analysts and Western diplomats say that before the elections the army is pressurizing the PML-N.

What is called knowledgeable?
International Relations Expo (retired) Ajaz Khan of Peshawar University said, “This kind of interference has always been there but this time it is openly open which everyone is seeing and everybody is discussing it.” Let us tell you that Geo, Pakistan’s biggest TV channel, was off for several weeks in April. The channel started again only when its officials took a deal final with the army about Sharif’s coverage. Similar action was also taken by Pakistani newspaper Dawn. In many cities he was suspended from the military camps.

Strangers come and threaten
Sharif is constantly alleging that PML-N MPs are being threatened. Significantly, in 1999, the army took a coup and snatched it from them. Four members of the party from Punjab province said that phones of many strangers are coming and strangers are coming and warning that they should separate from Sharif, that will be in their interest. Referring to one sentence, one MP said, “A man came and said that your boss is a traitor and there is no place in the country for the traitors.”