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Tesla CEO Elon Musk drinks alcohol at the stage.

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California , Tesla CEO Elon Musk started to spit the whiskey in a two-and-a-half hour program at the stage and was seen to drink mangoes. Musk did the work during the stage share with Rogan, the Commodore of California. In doing this to the wealthy Musk, people from all over the world have seen live on the internet. In this show, Musk said that running a car company is a difficult task.

During this interview, Musk discussed the difficulties of running the artificial intelligence, social media and corporate, industry. Musk said that he did not use hemp in everyday life. Musk and Joe Rogan together with ganja mixed in tobacco drink There is no restriction on drinking ganja in California.

Tesla spokesman in Germany has not responded to this issue so far. In one of America’s most famous podcasts, Tesla CEO drugs smoked, Musk had said that Tesla wanted to make private, the industry was shocked by this announcement. However, later he said that the shares of his company would be listed in the market. After this shocking decision, Musk was taking part in public events for the first time. After Tesla CEO’s move, the shares of the company have fallen to 1.4 percent.

Explain that Musk said on Twitter on Twitter on March 7 that he wants to turn Tesla into a private company. Since then the company’s share price fell to 20 percent in the market. He also said that he wants to withdraw shares from the company’s shareholders with a value of $ 420 and the company has arranged the money for it.