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Terrorists are preparing for the attack by sea-way, Pakistani marines are training.

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New Delhi, Along with its inept efforts to infiltrate terrorists in Kashmir, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is also giving training of marine attacks to the terrorists. According to specific inputs given to intelligence agencies, Pakistan’s ISI is giving training of swimming and deep diving to terrorists and Pakistani intruders. Also, blasts the IED by targeting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. According to Intelligence input, the terrorists are also planning to release a terrorist who is lodged in the jail.

Indian Post, Cargo Ship, Oil Tankers Can Create Target
According to sources, intelligence agencies have warned that terrorists can attack by sea. According to Intelligence sources, Pakistan Marines are training terrorists and intruders in the Creek area as well as using techniques, so that they can increase their capacity for sea attack. Sources say that according to Intelligence input, terrorists can target Indian posts, cargo ships and oil tankers. It is also learned that Pakistan’s ISI can use the Indian fishing boats caught for the attack. According to Intelligence Agency sources, this special input has been shared with Gujarat SIB, Police, Home Ministry, Army and BSF.

Injured terrorists to be released from jail
Intelligence Agency sources say that the ISIs are planning to target the convoy of security forces on security forces of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Kashmir. There is also a Pakistani terrorist named Abu Musaib, who is an IED expert. The terrorist group also has 3 kg of nails and 20 batteries for it. According to the Intelligence Report, the terrorists of the terrorists can also try to escape Shamshul Waqar from jail.

Terrorist Shamshul is currently lodged in Anantnag jail. The report says that six groups of extremists are also planning infiltration from different launches of terrorists across the border. The terrorists are now frightened due to their consistent failure in terror infiltration and they are in search of alternative routes of infiltration. Terrorists can also try to enter our country by attacking the sea route. However, according to security agencies, we are fully alert and are fully capable of foil any attempt to infiltrate.