Pakistan,milli muslim league political party,Hafiz Saeed

The terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s party can get the registration, the High Court directed the Election Commission.

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Islamabad, Pakistan’s Islamabad High Court has cleared the way for entry into Hafiz Saeed’s politics. In the coming days, he may also get approval to form a party. The High Court has ordered the Election Commission not to reject Saeed’s political front without hearing the petition of Milli Muslim League (MML) to form a political party.

Let me tell you that before the Election Commission, MML Chairman Saifullah Khalid had reached the High Court. He filed a petition accusing the Election Commission and the Home Secretary. In his petition, Khalid said, “Article 17 (2) of the Constitution gives fundamental rights to every citizen whether it can constitute a political party or become a member, provided that by the law in the interest of Pakistan’s unity and integrity There is no logical restriction on him. ‘ Khaled had accused the Election Commission of not recognizing him on the request of the Home Ministry.

At the same time, according to the Election Commission of Pakistan, the MML petition was rejected as it was allegedly related to those organizations which were banned in Pakistan. The information was given to the Election Commission by the Home Ministry in a letter. The letter said that MML was connected to the Falah-e-Insariat Foundation, which was banned under the Pakistan Securities Council Act 1948.