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Terror Attack in Vienna! 3 Died, 15 Injured

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After the France terror attack, one more occurred in Vienna. But this time this terror attack was at a huge level. In this terror attack, many gunmen were at different locations in Vienna. And these gunmen opened fire at these 6 locations. Death of 3 people is seen till now. And many injuries are also there. The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz described it as a “repulsive terror attack”.

After this open fire police reached all the places. After this, police was able to shoot one gunmen. But one was not enough as there were many. So, the police were trying to hunt at least one more gunman.

Austria’s interior minister said that the attacker died was a sympathizer of the Islamic State group. Also, Karl Nehammer said at a press conference, “this is a radicalized person who felt close to IS.” According to the police these attacks were near a church in the city. And all the gunmen there had proper weapons and automatic guns too. This church is located in the center of the city. And all the 6 locations targeted were near it only.

In Austria, this shooting began before the re-impose of lockdown in the same. As people were free from lockdown for the last night, many people were out enjoying in bars and restaurants.

Deaths and Injuries in the Terror Attack

Earlier, according to the police, only one person died. And this person was a passer-by only. But as time was passing more news came. Then Vienna mayor Michael Ludwig came forward. He said that one person who was injured also died due to her injuries. And at the same time, 15 more people went to hospital. Out of these 15 people, injury of 7 people is very critical.

Along with these people, one police officer also got an injury. These attacks started around 8 pm. At this time first time, the gunshots took place. These shots occurred in the city’s centrally-located first district.

In a press conference in the early hours of Tuesday, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said: “According to what we currently know, there is at least one attacker who is still on the run.”

If we talk about the attackers, then much information is not there. But according to Austrian leader Kurz, attackers were “were very well equipped with automatic weapons” and had “prepared professionally”. The numbers of gunmen are also not clear.

Official Tweet after the Attack

Earlier, he tweeted: “Our police will act decisively against the perpetrators of this repulsive terror attack. We will never be intimidated by terrorism and we will fight this attack with all means”.

Kurz also added about the terror attack. He said that police will, for now, concentrate on the anti-terror operation. And the army will take care of the security of major buildings.

After this news, residents are to stay at home only. And also they must avoid public places and transports. Also, schools in Vienna are closed on Tuesday, which is today.

After gunmen started shooting, sirens and helicopters were all over the city. Police and ambulances’ came quickly to the places where the firing occurred.

An AFP picture taker said that enormous quantities of police were guarding a zone close to the city’s reality acclaimed drama house.

The area of the underlying shooting was near a significant place of worship.

The leader of Vienna’s Jewish people group Oskar Deutsch said that shots had been discharged “in the prompt region” of the Stadttempel place of worship, yet added that it was right now obscure whether the sanctuary – shut at that point – had been the objective of an assault.

Austria till now was safe from such significant assaults that have hit other European nations.

Official Statement of France’s President

President Emmanuel Macron of France, which has encountered two genuine assaults as of late, tweeted that “we French offer the stun and distress of the Austrian public”.

“After France, it’s a cordial country that has been assaulted,” he added, alluding to the killing on Thursday of three individuals by an assailant in the southern city of Nice and the decapitation of a teacher by a presumed Islamist outside Paris a few days prior.

EU Council boss Charles Michel tweeted that the coalition “emphatically denounces this apprehensive demonstration”, with European and worldwide pioneers likewise voicing help for Austria.

Czech police said they were leading minds the outskirt with Austria.

“Police are completing arbitrary checks of vehicles and travelers on fringe intersections with Austria as a preventive measure comparable to the fear assault in Vienna,” Czech police tweeted.