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Terror attack in Egypt: 305 people killed in the mosque.

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Cairo: The number of people killed in a terrorist attack on a mosque in the troubled north Sinai region of Egypt has risen to 305. Egyptian prosecutor Nabil Sadiq said in a statement that the dead included 27 children. Sadiq said 128 people were injured in the attack. This is the most deadly terrorist attack ever seen in the country.

During Friday prayers, heavily armed terrorists bombarded and fired at al-Rourda mosque in Al-Arish city. According to the statement, 25 to 30 terrorists were involved in the attack and they flagged the Islamic State flag. It was reported that the terrorists used five vehicles in the attack and set fire to seven vehicles of Namazis.

According to the injured people, some terrorists were masked and everyone wore uniforms like army. Local people say that people who followed the Sufi view in this mosque used to come. Islamic State considers Sufis as infidels About 50 ambulances reached the spot to bring the injured to the hospital.

No one has taken responsibility for the attack till now and there is no information about what happened to the terrorists. There have been several violent attacks since the January Revolution of 2011 in northern Sinai, Egypt. After the revolution in January, 2011, the power of President Hosni Mubarak went down. After the abolition of Mohammed Morsi from the presidential post in 2013, the attackers in the northern Sinai targeted the police and the army. More than 700 security personnel have been killed since then.
Army launched a military campaign in the area and during this time the suspects arrested and demolished the houses of the terrorists. There have been many terrorist attacks in Egypt this year. On May 26, the gunmen attacked the bus carrying Christian community in the central region of Egypt, in which at least 28 people were killed and 25 others were injured. Earlier, on December 9, two suicidal attacks were reported in the Scandria and Tanta, where 46 people were killed.