Tension in Sri Lanka after the Emergency, till now 2 dead.

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Colombo, Given the violence between Buddhists and Muslims, a day after the announcement of the Emergency in Sri Lanka, the situation is also tense on Wednesday. According to officials, the rioters tried to break curfew in many places overnight, after which the police left tear gas shells. At least 3 policemen were injured in a clash between police and the crowd all night in Mandiña of Kandy.

Police have arrested seven people for trying to break the curfew in a popular place among tourists. In the Kandy district of 115 km east of Colombo, all schools have been closed on Wednesday. The government has also ordered the sending of additional troops in the violence-hit area so that it can be prevented from spreading the tension.

Other countries have also issued an advisory for their citizens staying there after being declared an emergency in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. Britain has told its citizens, “Curfew can also be imposed in some areas during the emergency. You must be alert. Avoid joining demonstrations-rallies and cooperate with local security arrangements.

More than 150 homes, shops and vehicles have been burnt in the past two days of violence. So far, 2 deaths have been confirmed. Let me tell you that there was a tension in Kandy district on Tuesday when the body of a 24-year-old Muslim boy was recovered from a burnt building.

On Tuesday, the Sri Lankan Parliament apologized to minority Muslim community and declared an emergency for 10 days. 10% of Muslims in Sri Lanka’s 20 million 10 million population Earlier in 2014, 4 people were killed in violence between Muslims and Buddhists.