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Tension between Pakistan: PM Imran Khan said, Wing Commander Abhinandan will be released tomorrow.

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Panic over the border and feared by the possible action of the Indian Army, Pakistan has announced the release of Wing Commander. Addressing the joint session of the Pakistan Parliament, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that while delivering the message of peace, we will release the Indian Wing Commander congratulatory tomorrow. Let us tell you that a day before Pakistani fighter planes tried to attack in Indian territory, which Indian Jail had foiled. In this action, an F16 jet of Pakistan was killed and during this time a MiG-21 of India fell, and Wing Commander congratulated Pakistan for his custody.

Yesteryear night was very crucial for Pak
Since then the situation was worsening rapidly. Pakistan feared that India could take some big action to rescue congratulations. It was also panic in the address of PM Imran Khan. He said that we have sent a message to India tomorrow. We tried to talk to PM Modi yesterday. Tried to reduce stress by talking to many countries of the world. Imran himself said that last night Pakistan feared that there might be a missile attack.

Speaking in the Pakistan Parliament, Imran Khan praised his government and said that the Kartarpur corridor was decided to open the tension to reduce the tension. Embarrassing with the Pulwama attack, Imran said that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had come to Pakistan at that time, at what time would such a nation make terror like Pulwama? What does Pakistan get from this? He said that the document on the Pulwama of India reached Pakistan today. Two days earlier, India took action.

Although during this period Imran Khan also mentioned the power of Pakistan. He once again claimed that Pakistan had dropped 2 Jet of India yesterday. Let me tell you that only a few hours later the Ministry of External Affairs had clearly said that one MiG-21 of India has dropped and only one pilot is missing.

‘Talk of Hindu and the situation of war’
Referring to Islamic terrorism, the Pak PM said that before 9/11, the most striking attack was the LTTE, in which the Hindus were involved. He said that if India still takes any action, then we have to retaliate. Imran said that we are trying to ease the tension but it should not be considered a weakness of Pakistan. He also appealed to the international community to reduce the tension.

Speak about -Pak’s Hero Tipu Sultan
In his address, Imran Khan said, ‘Bahadur Shah Zafar and Tipu Sultan were two big Nawabs. Zafar chose slavery from slavery and freedom. Although Tipu Sultan had chosen freedom and I want to say that the hero of this country is Tipu Sultan. ‘