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Temperature crossed 45 degrees: Due to the heat, 4000 schools of France were closed, many areas are experiencing terrible loo.

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Madrid, At present, not only India While European countries are also facing the heat. The heat wave in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland is so much that people are seeking shelter in pools and cool places. In Spain, the impact of temperature is seen as a fire in 10,000 acres of forest. Thousands of schools have been closed due to heat in Europe and many outdoor activities are completely closed.

The woes of summer and Loo are such that schools and colleges have been closed in many parts of Europe. Along with this there is also the outbreak of loo in many parts. Many associate organizations are reaching out to help people in the Old Age Home in France and other European countries for help due to the heat. Many people are being killed due to heat and government statements have also been termed as death due to weather.

Record temperature in France, reach more than 45 degrees Mercury
There was a fire in Spain due to high temperatures in forests spread over 10 thousand acres. In many countries, the temperature was more than 45 degrees. In France, the temperature recorded on Friday was 45.9 ° C. According to the French media, this is the record maximum temperature so far. The French National Meteorological Department has released the Danger Alert in view of the highest temperature so far. 4000 schools have been closed because of not seeing a safe position.

Water bottle distribution administration refugees
Given the temperature and heat, the administration canceled many cultural programs and many sports events have also been postponed. Carnaval is organized every year in France on the occasion of the end of the school year. On behalf of City Hall, workers are being sent to the Old Age Home to see enough fan and water arrangements for them.

Bottle of water being distributed to refugees
There is an Army Center in Saint Denis, sub-urban area of ​​Paris and the refugees have been accommodated here. Street showers are being arranged in the streets of the city and from time to time water bottles are being distributed among refugees. French PM Edouard Philippe said to the media, ‘This time it is not like that’s happening before. Given its intensity, we have issued an alert for the citizens. ‘

Three people died in Italy
High alerts have been issued in 16 cities of Italy, in view of Loo. Security agencies have specially divided water bottles for tourists visiting Rome and the surrounding areas. Three people have died so far because of walking in northern and central parts of Italy. In Italy’s major city of Milan, due to heat-related diseases, the number of patients in emergencies has increased by 35%.