Telegram introduces superlative WhatsApp features in the latest update


A new Telegram update is now available. With its latest update, the company borrows some of WhatsApp’s best customization features. The latest Telegram features are intended to improve personalization, video recording, and other app experiences. The latest update now allows you to customize the appearance of specific chats. You can also send interactive Emoji, record live streams and video chats, and make other improvements.

Telegram Chat Themes are being introduced, which combine “coordination and decoration.” The company has developed eight new themes that can be applied to specific private chats. The new themes include colorful gradient message bubbles, beautifully animated backgrounds, and one-of-a-kind background patterns. Each theme has a day and night version and will use the night mode settings in your app. Telegram is said to be working on additional themes.

On Android, tap > Change Colors to set a theme for your chat. Tap the Chat Header > > Change Colors on iOS. If your chat partner is using the most recent version of Telegram, they will see the theme.

Interactive Emoji is also coming to the instant messaging app. Emojis can be sent and then tapped on to create a fullscreen effect. When you and your chat partner both have a chat open, the animations and vibrations appear on both of your devices simultaneously. Notably, the effects will only be visible to your chat partner if they use the most recent Telegram version. There will be more animated emojis in the future.

Chat themes and interactive Emoji are currently only available in private chats. The new Telegram update includes a significant change for groups. As soon as one other member sees a group message, it is marked as read (). In small groups, you can now select a message you sent to see which group members have read it. According to the company, to protect users’ privacy, read receipts in groups are only stored for 7 days after the message is sent.

Telegram group admins can now record live streams and video chats and share them with those who missed the live version. To record video, select either Portrait or Landscape as the final video file orientation. The file is instantly uploaded to your Saved Messages after you finish recording or end the broadcast.