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Techie who lost her job due to the pandemic, now sells vegetables for a living.

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a huge economic crisis on people not only in India but all over the world.

People are incurring a huge amount of loss. Many people are now unemployed due to the pandemic- induced lockdown. One of such people is a 26-year-old techie, Unnati Sharda from Warangal district, Telangana. She lost her job at MNC in Hyderabad.

Just like most other people, Unnati Sharda too was facing a financial crisis. However, the techie took to selling vegetables for surviving these testing times. Keeping “false prestige” aside, she wakes up every day at 4 in the morning, travels to the wholesale market for buying vegetables, and then sells them on a pavement by spending almost 12 hours.

The company she was working for was suffering from a loss and so they could not pay half her salary. She did not have any new projects and so she had to quit the job.

“There is nothing to ashamed of. It was a question of survival… I have been able to pay our house rent, meet all our family needs and we are able to live an honorable life with our hard work,” says Unnati Sharda.

Unnati is a graduate in computer science engineering. She used to work as a project analyst in a company in Delhi for several years. Then she quit that job in Delhi and tried to set her own projects for about two years. Later, she joined the MNC in Hyderabad as her own projects did not take off due to financial reasons. However, she was rendered unemployed after three months into the job due to the pandemic.

When Sharda lost her job, she opted for selling vegetables and living an honorable life rather than going the wrong way. Apparently, Sharda’s father Venkataiah himself used to sell vegetables. However, she also mentioned that she would want to get employed in the formal sector as she doesn’t want to sell vegetables always.