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Tech Mahindra CEO says, 94 per cent of IT graduates do not deserve jobs. Due to lack of skills.

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Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani says that 94 per cent of IT graduates are not eligible for jobs in Indian big IT companies. Gurnani is laying the foundation for next level development in Tech Mahindra. He is busy preparing a road map of Tech Mahindra’s next generation Gurnani says that entry into new technology such as Manpower Skilling and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber ​​Security, Machine Learning, is a big challenge for Indian IT companies. They think that when it comes to job placement, big IT companies do not consider 94 per cent of IT graduates. Indian graduates are not eligible for this.

Lack of skill
Gurnani said that Nasscom says that by 2022 cyber security requires about 6 million people, but we’ve lack of skill. The issue is that if I’m looking for a robotics person and instead I get a person of mainframe, then it makes a skill gap. It comes as a big challenge.

Only 6 percent of engineering graduates take top IT companies
Tech Mahindra CEO says that if you come to Tech Mahindra, you will see that I have built a five-acre Tech and Learning Center. Other top companies have also created such facilities for employee’s skill. The ability to learn, skill development and market ready is shifted to the industry. Despite of all these top 10 IT companies take only 6% of engineering graduates. Gurnani asks himself, what does about those remaining 94 percent?

Now 25 percent less people need
Regarding the effect of these things on recruitment, they say that the hiring is affected. One reason is that the equation is no longer a long line. For example, for the per million dollars every year, 20 people were kept for revenues. The equation is changing now, due to increase in productivity, automation and equipment. Now there are 15 people needed for the same million dollars. Now you need 25 percent fewer people.