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Tech company Apple’s identity is due to its iPhone and it has been revealed that Apple can change its name to Apple Phone.

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California’s premium tech company may rename its legend device iPhone and operating system iOS. Anyone would find this thing shocking, but leaks have emerged. Apple gives users the most stable and fast mobile operating system in its device, which comes with the latest features. IOS is also considered a major reason for Apple devices becoming popular.

A report has revealed that Apple is changing the name of the operating system found in iPhone to iPhone OS. IPadOS was introduced by Apple last year, which means that the company did not bring the latest version of iOS into its iPad lineup, but brought it as iPadOS. Apple had said that a separate branch is being designed to design software specifically for tablets. Apple has already brought WatchOS for Watch and Mac OS for Mac.

Many leaks have surfaced
It would not be surprising if the company switched to its mobile operating system iPhoneOS. Apple wants to clear the name of its software with which device it is connected. The new information came from popular lexter Jon Prosser. Jon has already shared Authentic information related to Apple. Apart from this, leaks have been shared by Max Vimbatch of XDA Developers that Apple can change the name of the iPhone not only its operating system but also.

Apple Phone will be named
Jon tweeted in his tweet, writing iPhone OS, in response to this, Max wrote that he also found out in an email that Apple could rename iOS to iPhoneOS and iPhone to Apple Phone, but they didn’t believe it. However, nothing has been said on why Apple will change the name of its device from iPhone to Apple Phone after such a wonderful branding. It is obvious that most users will continue to call it iPhone.