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Tata Motors Suffered Huge Losses this Quarter

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Tata Motors despite being one of the best companies in auto companies in India is suffering a loss. Last year also it suffered the loss. This year recently, Tata Motors disclosed their net losses for the September quarter. And according to that, they incurred losses of Rs 307.26 crore.

If we compare this report to their last year’s report then losses are increased. In the last year for the same quarter, they suffered the loss. But last year it was Rs 187.7 crore. And this year it is much more than last year.

This loss company suffered due to a fall in revenue. As we know that this pandemic made the demand to fall to an unexpected range so revenue is also affected by this. If demand is not there then creating revenue by companies is not possible. Last year for this quarter, Tata Motors’s revenue was Rs 65,431.95 crore. But this year it declined to Rs 53,530 crore for the same quarter. This was announced by Tata Motors only.

On the whole, as we know the company is much more widespread than just the auto sector. So, if we talk about the whole company, then the total or net loss is Rs 1,212.45 crore. This is for the September quarter. Last year, the company suffered a loss of Rs 1,281.97 crore in the same period.

If we talk about the revenue of the whole company then that also decreased. This year’s revenue of the company is Rs 9,668.10 crore. But for this quarter the revenue last year was Rs 10,000.48 crore.

Luxury Segment of Tata Motors

In the luxury segment, Jaguar Land Rover showed an increase in revenue. In this quarter the revenue of JLR is 4.4 billion pounds. And this is more than the last quarter by almost 52.2%. That shows a significant increase in revenue. But if we compare it to last year then it is down by 28.5%. Also, as the revenue rose the profits are recorded by the company. In the last quarter, it suffered huge losses of 413 million pounds. But in this quarter profits were 65 million pounds. But this profit is before tax. Similarly, as compared to last year this profit is much less than last year. In the last year for the same quarter, the profits were 156 million pounds.

Official Statement of Tata Motors

“Despite concerns around the risk of the second wave of infection in many countries and other geopolitical risks, we expect a gradual recovery of demand and supply in the coming months,” Tata Motors said.
“In this context, the company is committed to achieving near-zero net automotive debt in the coming years by focusing on better front-end activations of our exciting product range and executing cost and cash savings with rigor”, it added.

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