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Tanishq gets trolled due to its promotional advertisement by netizens, know here why!

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Tanishq Jewelery Company is involved in a debate after a commercial for a celebration was shown.

The debate has now arrived at web-based media to a major degree. Tanishq is being trolled via online media as netizens are requesting a blacklist of Tanishq items.

The hashtag #BoycottTanishq was moving on Twitter the entire day on Monday.

The organization has since pulled back its image notice so as to maintain a strategic distance from additional contentions and savaging.

Many asserted that the notice showed by Tanishq advanced love jihad. The public likewise requested that the commercial be halted as quickly as time permits. In the interim, a few clients are censuring individuals who request #BoycottTanishq.

In this ad of Tanishq, an endeavor has been made to show Hindu-Muslim solidarity. However, numerous individuals didn’t care for this promotion by any stretch of the imagination.

The promotion shows a Hindu lady who was hitched to a Muslim family. In the video, the lady’s dohale supper program is begun.

Then, as indicated by Hindu custom, a Muslim family has demonstrated their girl in-law while eating Dohale. Toward the finish of the video, a pregnant lady asks her relative, ‘Isn’t this a training in your home?’ On this, her mother by marriage says, ‘Isn’t the act of fulfilling young ladies in each house?’

Tanishq’s new advertisement turned into an interesting issue via web-based media and netizens began representing and against the promotion.

On Twitter, individuals reacted by posting and remarking on the ad.

Congress pioneer Shashi Tharoor has additionally tweeted about Tanishq’s notice as a savage. He has communicated dismay over this. He wrote in his tweet, “Well, the Hindutva Brigade is requesting a blacklist of Tanishq Jewelry in view of this delightfully introduced ad of Hindu-Muslim solidarity.”

In the event that they have a similar issue as far as ‘solidarity’ among Hindus and Muslims, at that point why not blacklist India, which is an image of Hindu-Muslim solidarity everywhere on the world?

Senior Congress pioneer Abhishek Manu Sanghvi likewise tweeted and upheld Tanishq’s ad. He additionally condemned the individuals who requested a blacklist. Shamina Shafiq, a previous individual from the National Commission for Women, has likewise guarded the commercial. He tweeted, “Thank you dear savages, for causing us to notice this wonderful promotion.”