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Tanisha Mukherjee wears toe ring without marriage, Ayurveda has told these benefits for women

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Some pictures of Kajol’s sister Tanisha Mukherjee are in the news. In this, she is seen wearing toe rings. Married women in India wear toe rings. Tanisha Mukherjee wearing a toe without marriage is arousing curiosity among people. Wearing toe rings is also in fashion these days. Many unmarried also wear toe rings in fashion. At the same time, many benefits related to its female health have been told in Ayurveda.

Connection of the toe to the uterus

Hindu women wear toe rings after marriage. It is considered a sign of a marriage. Tanisha is seen wearing toe rings on the second finger of her toe. According to Ayurveda, women must wear a silver ring on the second finger of the foot. In Ayurveda, it is believed that the second finger of the foot is connected to the uterus. If there is a slight pressure on this finger, the menstrual cycle remains correct. In addition, the uterus also remains healthy.

Period pain also gives relief

It is also believed that married women wear toe rings on the second finger of the foot and unmarried girls on the third finger. Ayurveda believes that wearing a ring on the third finger relieves period pain. It is also said that toe rings provide benefits like acupressure because they pressure the nerves associated with the reproductive system.

Why wear a silver ring?

Now the question arises that why the toerings are worn only in silver. This is said to be that silver is a good conductor. It is believed that silver netting also removes negativity from women’s bodies.