Tandav Review: The fight for the Prime Minister’s chair

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Finally, Amazon Prime has brought a new gift for its users. Yes, the ‘Tandav’ that was discussed for so many days has now been released. Tandav series of Saif Ali Khan is divided into 9 separate parts. Where before its release, the audience was comparing it to Prakash Jha’s film Politics, but Tandava is a different story. In which two stories are going on simultaneously. One of which is for the Prime Minister’s chair. So at the same time, the second fight is for freedom from discrimination, casteism, capitalism, fascism, which are inside the university.

The Story of Tandav

The story of this series shows us the love, ambition, greed, arrogance, hatred and envy that are within the human being. Tandava is a story of deception on Kadam. In this chair game, no one is right or wrong. Everyone simply means politics. At the beginning of the series’ story, the right-wing party (JLD) Jan Lok Dal is ready to win the general election for the third time.

After which it has now been decided that Devaki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia) is ready for the Prime Minister once again. But he dies the day before the results. After this news comes, there is a panic in the country. After his death, everyone wants his son Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan) to sit in this chair but he rejects this decision.

Here, political turmoil begins not between the party and the opposition, but between the party. Many contenders stand for the Prime Minister’s chair. But who will win on this ruthless path, this question leads the whole series?

On the other side is the politics of VNU (Vivekananda National University), at this place, standing with the farmer movement, young student Shiva Shekhar (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub) comes to the discussion through social media overnight. After which the echo of his speech reaches the Prime Minister’s office. Both these stories go completely apart, but when they meet after a few episodes, the real orgy begins.

Acting and Direction of the series

The most powerful thing about this series is the excellent casting due to the characters, all the stars including Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover have been amazing. Tigmanshu Dhulia’s role may have been small but it is effective as much as it is. As a young student leader, Zeeshan Job has worked honestly with his character, which you will also see.

Ali Abbas Zafar may have described this political drama story as fictional, but to some extent, he has tried to keep it connected to the truth. Many things have been shown in the series, which you will not have to laugh or understand to be emotional. But let us tell you, even though this series is slow, it will be successful in tying you up. Many more aspects of the story are yet to be revealed. Which it seems that very soon the second part of this series will be announced.

Weak links
– There is no newness in Tandav, the things we know have been presented only by decorating.

– The slow speed of the series can make you bored.

Worth Watching or not
If you are interested in politics or you like such films, then you can definitely watch it once. The director has made it in line with today’s atmosphere, due to which the audience will enjoy it a lot.