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Talks about bilateral relations between India and China.

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Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale visited Beijing on Friday after resolving the controversy. Here he talked to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Vijay Gokhale has played an important role in resolving the Doklaam controversy. In a meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Vijay Gokhale talked about the tension and border dispute between India and China in bilateral relations. This conversation between the two has happened before the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China in June.

Significantly, Modi will go to China to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in June.

Vijay Gokhale was in Beijing on the day that China expressed objection to being included in the Gray List of Pakistan in the meeting of the Financial Action Task Force.

The Indian Embassy told about this meeting of Vijay Gokhale and the beijing visit via tweet on Saturday morning.

During the talks, the foreign secretaries of the two countries stressed on improving mutual relations, solving each other’s problems and ending other disputes. China expressed hope that India will try to resolve sensitive issues carefully.

For the first time since the Docmal controversy, an Indian minister has gone on a visit to China for talks on bilateral relations. Earlier in 2017, then Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar visited China for talks on bilateral relations.