Taliban attack on Kabul hotel, killed 18 people including 14 foreigners.

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Kabul, At least 18 people, including 14 foreign nationals, were killed in the Taliban attack on a luxury hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. According to Afghan Channel Tolo News, however, 43 people have died in the attack. More than 13 hours after the attack, the security forces completely overcome it. All the attackers were killed. Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said that 18 foreign nationals, including 14 foreign nationals and one telecommunications officer in Farah province, were killed in an attack on Intercontinental Hotel. The attack took place on Saturday at around 9 o’clock in the local time.

Danish said, “Out of the 14 foreign nationals killed 11 were employees of Camer (Private Airline).” Meanwhile, Home Minister’s Deputy Professor Nasrat Rahimi said, “Five Afghani and one foreign nation were killed, at least 150 people were rescued from there, including 40 foreign nationals.”

He said, “The body of a foreign woman has been recovered from the sixth floor.” Taking the responsibility of the attack, the Taliban said that its five attackers targeted foreign nationals and Afghan officials. Taliban spokesman Zaibullah Mujahid said that the terrorists had planned the attack on Thursday night, but it was deferred because there was a wedding ceremony inside the hotel on that day.

The photographs shown in local media reports were showing dark black smoke and flames on the six-storey hotel. Officials said that the attackers entered the hotel on Saturday night and they opened fire on people and mortgaged dozens of people. Many people who came here to attend the information technology conference on Sunday were staying in the hotel.

Another official said that while entering the hotel, the attackers had grenades being touted with small arms and rockets. This hotel often contains weddings, conferences and political meetings. This hotel has also been attacked in June 2011, in which a large number of people were killed.